2228 lip repair

I obtained a 2228 tender that had a little bit of a rough life.  For whatever reason, a previous owner had removed the metal lip at the front, bottom area of the base plate.

The red outline shows where the lip should have been.

The draw bar is installed by bending and twisting the end inside the tender.   It will work as long as the lip is there to prevent the draw bar from falling down and moving too far side to side and working it's way out.  To keep the draw bar in the tender, there needs to be a lip keeping it in the working range of movement.

A few measurements and I designed and printed the following using PLA.  

It is 58mm wide x 11 mm long x 3mm thick on the level where the screw holes are.

2 .160/4mm holes 1 inch apart and 3.5 mm from the side edges.  4 mm from the long edge.  It will mount with the front screws that hold the shell on.  The screw threads need 3mm/.125" longer length.

The middle level is 42mm wide offset 8mm from the bottom edge, 15mm long and 3mm high.  It overlaps the bottom 2mm with a 3mm fillet for strength.

The top lip is even with the edges of the middle level 4mm long and 4 mm high.  A 2mm fillet for strength also.

When installed, it works well.  A little flat black paint and you wont be able to tell when running on the track.  Another problem solved with 3D printing.

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Last update Aug 25 2022